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An independent publisher in London. We publish ballsy memoirs and racy anthologies. Our goal is to support exceptional writers so readers can find bold life stories (and that other stuff they call fiction) in the marketplace. 

Blade in the Shadow (Oct 2021) is a coming-of-age OCD memoir. Recommended on the BBC Radio Scotland programme, The Afternoon Show with Janice Forsyth. Click here for more details.

"Jillian Halket dives deep into her relationship with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, her sexual abuse, alcoholism... For most of her life—she is 28—she didn’t know why she had devastating thoughts." — Hippocampus Magazine, Nov 2021. Click here to read the full interview.

"Halket balances shocking descriptions of her unwelcome and violent thoughts with sublime storytelling and poetic prose to give the reader authentic insight into how ‘Harm-themed’ OCD impacts her life." 

— Harriet Mercer, author of Gargoyles

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Since 2019, we have published over 60 writers, primarily from the UK. We love their stories and hope you will too. 

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Fish Town (April 2021) a young Scottish man packs his bags and moves to a remote Japanese fishing village.

Sending Nudes (Jan 2021) fiction, nonfiction and poetry about why people send nudes.

Euphoric Recall (Oct 2020) a Scottish working-class lad and his recovery from addiction and trauma. 

Cyber Smut (Sept 2020) fiction, nonfiction and poetry about technology, our lives, our sexuality, and how we love. 

Stories About Penises (Nov 2019) fiction, nonfiction & poetry about, well, exactly what it sounds like. 

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