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New Release: Dear Mr Andrews by Lotte Latham

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Dear Mr Andrews is an illustrated memoir about a young British woman’s entry into sex work via 'sugar-dating'. It's an intimate and sometimes shocking look into Lotte’s personal and professional sex life, revealing her dual life as artist and sex worker. And her unlikely friendship with Mr Andrews.

In Lotte's own words: “Over the past six or seven years I’ve been in and out of sex work, leading a normal life and a smutty one in parallel. During this time I met Mr Andrews, who is effectively a John who didn’t pay, purely bad business on my part. I felt lightly exploited, or at least confused at how I’d ended up giving out sexual favours on weekdays to married men for free. So, I began to tell him about my life. Almost every day I message him quite candidly about the ins and outs of escorting, of dating, of dancing, of my day job. And in doing so, I’d go as far to say we have become fetid pen pals.”

Since 2019, we have published over 60 writers, primarily from the UK. We love their stories and hope you will too. 

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Recent Release: The Peanut Factory by Deborah Price

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“A window into a time of raw energy and rough edges, Deb Price paints a vivid picture of life in the squats of South London. By turns amusing and alarming, but always engaging, we accompany a teenager as she navigates her way to womanhood in a sub-culture on the margins.” — Allie Rogers, author of Little Gold and Tale of a Tooth

"Enjoyed the book. It really took me back to those days. I'd go back in a flash if offered, sod all this smart tech garbage, gimme an afternoon pulling pints in the Gloucester followed by a nap in front of the TV blaring out the Crossroads theme." — Captain Sensible, The Damned

"Telling journal about the London squat scene in the post punk era. Compelling and disturbing in equal measure — especially the outside toilets." — Jim Tavaré, comedian, actor and musician