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An independent publisher in London. We publish ballsy memoirs and racy anthologies. Our goal is to support exceptional writers so readers can find bold life stories (and that other stuff they call fiction) in the marketplace. 

Since 2019, we have published over 60 writers, primarily from the UK. We love their stories and hope you will too. 

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New Releases

Smashed Not Wasted cover Guts Publishing.png

Smashed Not Wasted by Sam Thomas

Release date: 5 July 2023

"Candid recovery narrative from award-winning mental health campaigner, writer and public speaker Sam Thomas detailing his alcohol addiction and the toll it took on his mental and physical health." — The Bookseller

After a night of partying in a gay club, Sam Thomas finds himself in bed with his Valentine’s Day date. The night takes a turn when his date transforms into a beastly creature. The next morning, confused and hungover, Sam discovers that his date has no recollection of this. In an attempt to shake the night off as a bad date, he plunges further into drinking.

Dear Mr Andrews Cover 150dpi.jpg

Dear Mr Andrews by Lotte Latham

Release date: 18 January 2023

"Sweet and bitter and perfectly baked, cutting the lines between sugar babying, escorting and civilian work in a turbulent loop of righteousness." — Tamara Faith Berger, author of Maidenhead

"This playful, hilarious, candid book dares to lay things bare for our entertainment. Highly recommended." — Susanna Kleeman, author of Twice 

"Honest, insightful, vital, dirty and sublime." — Kristan X, author of Lascivity


The Peanut Factory Guts Publishing.jpg

The Peanut Factory by Deborah Price

Release date: May 2022

"A beautifully grungy coming-of-age memoir set in the squats of 1970s London. Deborah Price is a gifted storyteller who will remind readers how it feels to be young, broke, uncomfortable and marginalised, but gloriously hopeful and madly in love with life. A must-read for anyone who was there, or wishes they had been." — Nikki Sheehan, author of Goodnight, Boy

"Telling journal about the London squat scene in the post punk era. Compelling and disturbing in equal measure — especially the outside toilets." — Jim Tavaré, comedian, actor and musician

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