Submissions - anthology & memoir

We are excited to announce the theme for our next anthology: Sending Nudes.

  • Open for submissions 15 June to 1 Sept 2020

  • Seeking fiction, nonfiction & poetry 

  • Fiction & nonfiction - 1000 to 5000 words

  • Poetry - up to 5 pages

  • Unpublished work only

  • Writers from the UK & Ireland preferred

Your submission must be related to sending nudes - either digitally or by post. This covers a lot of ground:

  • Why do people send nudes?

  • Have you ever sent nudes?

  • Have you ever regretted sending nudes?

  • Have you found your nude photos have not remained private? 

  • And surely there are countless other ways to approach this theme...

NOTE: Please, no 'willy nilly' submissions, as the man from Submittable calls it. He suggested a fee for each submission to discourage the 'willy nilly' submissions, but we'd rather not do that. Definition of 'willy nilly' - writers who send absolutely anything, regardless of theme. So let's not do that, ok?

Send submissions to: sendingnudes.gutspublishing [at] 

Subject line: Your name / Title of your piece

We'll send a confirmation email to let you know we've received your submission.


Many thanks and we can't wait to read your stories and poems!

Memoir Submissions

We are also open for memoir submissions. Seeking bold writers with ballsy stories. We like narratives about cyber life, art, music, and travel, although any topic is fine. If you would like to submit your work, please send the first 5000 words of your manuscript, a one-page summary and your bio. Send to gutspublishing [at] Subject line: Memoir Submission. Attachments are fine. Please include your name and contact details, and number your pages. 


UK residents are preferred, but anyone can submit. It can take 4-6 weeks to receive a reply, feel free to give us a nudge if you haven't heard back by then. 


Many thanks and we look forward to reading your work!

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