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Submission Feedback

"My feedback arrived promptly and was detailed and constructive. I learned where my submission hit the mark but also where I needed to make changes in order to be more successful with subsequent submissions. I now have a clear plan for re-drafting. If only all publishers offered this service!" — Morag Edwards

If you wish to receive feedback on your submission, you can request this when you submit your work or wait until we've replied to you. 

The cost is £95. Please scroll down to the form to submit a request.

The service includes a written analysis of the first 7500 words, your synopsis and pitch. I highlight your strengths and point out areas that need improvement. I take into consideration the plot, character development, voice and any areas that need development. I assess the quality of the writing, flow and pacing. I aim to be as kind and constructive as possible. The report is around 1000 words.

For more detailed feedback, you can also request a full or short manuscript evaluation:

xx Julianne

Director at Guts Publishing

Submission Feedback



Thank you!

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"Julianne’s wealth of experience really shone through in her analysis, and I now feel more confident than before to edit my work using the advice and guidance that she has given me. I would highly recommend her services and would encourage anyone who is looking for an editor to reach out." — Paul Shepherd

"Submitting to agents can feel like throwing work into a black hole. Having the option for submission feedback with Julianne has been incredibly helpful, providing reflections on what I need to focus on to improve my writing and decide what my next steps are. We can’t grow without feedback and Julianne offers a really valuable professional service."  — Michelle O’ Sullivan

"I hired Julianne to do an assessment of my book, and I would whole-heartedly recommend her to anyone else in a similar situation. Her written assessment, delivered when promised, was exactly what I wanted: Objective, defensible, thorough feedback, delivered with warmth, respect, and understanding." — David Weiss, writer and editor

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