Submission Feedback

If you wish to receive feedback on your submission, you can request this before or after you've submitted your work. You can either mention this in your submission cover letter or email gutspublishing [at] with the subject line: Submission Feedback.


The cost is £95 (VAT included).

I aim to be as kind and constructive as possible. Which means, I take an honest look at your pitch, synopsis and manuscript, and tell you how to improve your submission. The idea here is to optimise your submission and be successful with the next publisher you pitch.

Here's a blog post I wrote about pitching: Pitching tips for writers

Please note, the service includes feedback on your opening chapters (about 10,000 words), your synopsis and pitch. What I do is highlight your strengths and point out areas in the manuscript that need improvement (plot, character development, flow, etc). I also offer suggestions on how to improve your pitch and synopsis.

For more detailed feedback on your manuscript, I have a Publishing Coach service which you can read about here:

If you haven't yet submitted your work, here are our submission guidelines:

xx Julianne

Editor, Guts Publishing

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