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An independent publisher on a mission

I am a publisher, editor and artist. I love real stories and people who write them, and read them. My career as a visual artist (painter) began in the early 90s in Chicago. In 2004 I started traveling and writing. I have literally lived and worked around the globe, feeding my work as an artist and writer.

During this time I also became a memoirist, although that was not apparent for many years. I thought that everyone wrote about their life and that all fiction was really non-fiction (which it often is) but now understand we are simply from different realms of the world.

We’ve had lots of success with our books, in particular with Euphoric Recall and Sending Nudes. Both were covered in major UK publications (The Guardian, BBC and others) and Euphoric Recall was even acknowledged by Scottish Parliament.

In March 2023, we were nominated for the National Diversity Awards which was such an honor. You can read the wonderful (and inspiring!) comments that our readers wrote here:


In October 2021 I was endorsed by Arts Council England for a Global Talent Visa. It’s a special visa for people who have made a contribution to UK culture and wish to live and work in the UK. In short, it’s an invitation for me to live and work here for an unlimited amount of time. Which is what I plan to do.

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Julianne Ingles

Director, Guts Publishing

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