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I am a publisher, writer, editor and artist. I love real stories and people who write them, and read them. My career as a visual artist (painter) began in the early 90s in Chicago. In 2004 I started traveling and writing. I have literally lived and worked around the globe, feeding my work as an artist and writer.

During this time I also became a memoirist, although that was not apparent for many years. I thought that everyone wrote about their life and that all fiction was really non-fiction (which it often is) but now understand we are simply from different realms of the world.

We are looking for bold voices and stories that need to be told. We publish full-length memoirs and anthologies (fiction, non-fiction & poetry). For details visit our submissions page.


Our next anthology, Cyber Smut, will be released in September 2020. It is a collection of fiction, nonfiction and poetry about how the internet impacts our lives. Miscommunications and mishaps. Lust and desire for fame and money. Hilarity and tragedy with Tinder or Grindr. We are thrilled about Cyber Smut and hope you are too. Pre-orders are now available.


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~ Julianne

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