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An independent publisher on a mission

I am a publisher, writer, editor and artist based in London. I love real stories and people who write them, and read them. My career as a visual artist (painter) began in the early 90s in Chicago. In 2004 I started traveling and writing. I have literally lived and worked around the globe, feeding my work as an artist and writer.

During this time I also became a memoirist, although that was not apparent for many years. I thought that everyone wrote about their life and that all fiction was really non-fiction, but I have seen the light and now understand we are simply from different realms of the world. In 2019 my first book will be released, An Artist's Mangled Memoir, a jumbled fusion of autobiography and surrealism, illustrated with 20+ of my paintings.

For the writers out there - currently we are open for submissions. We are seeking full-length memoirs and short stories, fiction and non-fiction. The theme for our debut anthology is Stories About Penises

We aim to publish bold voices and stories that need to be told.

Any questions, please get in touch. ~ Julianne