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Publishing Coach

If you're looking for a publisher or agent for your book, you're in the right place. I offer three services to help writers on their publishing journey: Pitch Your Book 1-to-1, Publishing Coach and Short Manuscript Review. I offer a free 20-minute intro meeting. 


Please scroll down for prices and details. I'm also a book editor, which you can read about here:

About Julianne Ingles

I'm the director and editor at Guts Publishing. Since 2019, I have edited and published the work of over 60 writers. We've had lots of success with our books (in particular with Euphoric Recall and Sending Nudes) as a result of effective and targeted pitching. Our books have landed in The Guardian, BBC Culture, The Scotsman, The Edinburgh Evening News, and many more. As well, Euphoric Recall was acknowledged by Scottish Parliament and John Gerard Fagan (Fish Town) was a guest on the BBC Big Scottish Book Club.

Pitch Your Book 1-to-1 

Price: £995

Pitching your book is a crucial part of ‘selling’ yourself as a writer to agents and publishers. Over the course of 4 weeks, I teach you how to package up and present your book in its most compelling form. We start with your synopsis, then move on to your query letter, digital platforms, and finding agents and publishers to pitch. The aim is to build your confidence and get you one step closer to publishing your book.

What's unique about this?

You’ll receive professional edits and feedback on your synopsis and query letter. You’ll receive feedback on your digital platforms and learn how to improve your online presence. You’ll receive guidance on how and where to find agents and publishers for your particular genre. At the end, you’ll have a targeted pitch list and you'll be ready to start pitching your book. 

How it works

To get started, you'll need a completed manuscript (fiction or memoir), a synopsis and a query letter. Each week I send edits/feedback and instructions for the weekly assignment. In our weekly Zoom meetings, we review each assignment and address any issues that have come up. You'll need to set aside 3-4 hours per week to complete each assignment. 

Please get in touch with any questions or to book a free 20-minute intro meeting. If we decide to work together, I request a 50% downpayment and the remainder is paid when the project is complete.

I had only experienced rejection or complete indifference from publishers before I worked with Julianne. I came to the realisation that my query letter and synopsis lacked polish, were flat in their delivery, and displayed my lack of confidence and naivety in how to sell my book. Julianne helped me to put this right and I finally got that contract. — Richard Wills, author of ‘Bloody Social Worker’ (Dec 2022, Thinkwell Books)

"Julianne was straight talking and encouraging at the same time. I learned a lot for my future as a writer. Already I’m working on my second novel and feeling confident that when it’s finished, edited and polished, I will know how to give it a good send off into the world of agents and publishers." — Ruth Campbell, Pitch Your Book client

Publishing Coach

Price: £2995

This service is a combination of Pitch Your Book 1-to-1 and manuscript editing. It includes editing your fiction or nonfiction manuscript (up to 60,000 words), fine tuning your synopsis, query letter and pitch, and finding the right publishers and agents to pitch. As well, I assess your digital platforms (social media, website, blog) and help you improve your online presence.  


What you’ll need to get started – a completed manuscript, synopsis and query letter. Over a period of three months, I edit your manuscript with MS Word Track Changes and each week I send you a few chapters to review. We have weekly Zoom meetings to discuss editing progress and work on your synopsis, query letter, pitch and digital platforms. The final step is finding publishers and agents. I will show you where to search and who to search for (depending on your genre). By the end of three months, you will have: an edited manuscript, a solid synopsis, a compelling query letter, a 1 - 2 sentence pitch, and a list of publishers and agents to pitch.


I offer a free 20-minute intro meeting for this service. Please get in touch to book this. If we decide to work together, I request a 50% downpayment and the remainder is paid when the project is complete.

"Once I completed my first novel I was overwhelmed when it came to what I’d need to do to publish. After a few attempts at submitting I realized I was way in over my head, and in need of guidance. I decided to embark on the Pitch Your Book coaching option with Julianne, and feel so lucky to have found her." — Erin Hosfield, Pitch Your Book client

Short Manuscript Review

Price: £295

This is for writers who want to improve the opening of their manuscript. It can be a work in progress or a completed draft. The service includes a review of your synopsis, the first 10,000 words of your manuscript and a 1500 word written report. What I do is highlight your strengths and point out areas that need improvement. I take a close look at the plot, character development, flow, pace, and what's at stake. Then I make suggestions for improvement. The idea is to give you the tools to improve your manuscript and increase your chance of getting your work published.  During May 2023, I'm offering a free 20-minute intro meeting and, if you book the service, a 20-minute follow up meeting where we can discuss your manuscript.

Please get in touch with any questions or to book the Short Manuscript Review. If we decide to work together, I request a 50% downpayment and the remainder is paid when the project is complete.

If you'd like some tips on query letters and pitching (and would like to see two query letters that landed publishing contracts), here's a blog post I wrote:

For writers living in the UK, check out the Arts Council England website with details about grants for Developing Your Creative Practice. They are open for applications throughout 2023.


xx Julianne

Director, Guts Publishing

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Coaching Services

  • Manuscript Review

    10K Short Manuscript Review
    Valid for one week
    • Review of the first 10,000 words of your manuscript
    • Review of your synopsis
    • Written report of 1500 words
    • One follow-up email consultation
  • PitchYourBook 1-to-1

    Valid for 4 weeks
    • Review of your manuscript / detailed synopsis
    • Write an effective query letter and pitch
    • Create a compelling synopsis
    • Improve your digital platforms
    • Find the right agents and publishers
    • Four 30-minute Zoom meetings
    • Free 20-minute intro meeting
  • Publishing Coach

    Valid for 3 months
    • Editing on up to 60,000 words
    • Write an effective query letter and pitch
    • Create a compelling synopsis
    • Find the right agents and publishers
    • Improve your digital platforms
    • Twelve 30-minute Zoom meetings
    • Free 20-minute intro meeting
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