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Manuscript Evaluation

I've worked with hundreds of writers, published bestsellers and award-winning books, and I've also helped clients to land publishing contracts.

What's the secret? It's not about polishing prose or fixing grammar. It's about getting the reader emotionally involved in your story. It's about tightening up your plot so each scene has tension and drama. It's about reeling in your reader and keeping them reeled in.

When I evaluate a manuscript, I approach it in the same way as a book I am preparing to publish. I look at how the story unfolds, and the structure of the manuscript. I take into consideration the voice, character development, quality of the writing, flow and pacing. 


My reports are rigorous and comprehensive. I give specific advice on your next steps. The idea is to use this as a guide for further editing or to find out if you're ready to start submitting to agents and publishers.

My favourite genres are memoir, literary fiction and autofiction. I also do poetry collections.

Julianne Ingles Guts Publishing

Pricing & what's included

Below are my pricing guidelines. 


For an accurate quote, please send an email with your genre and word count to:

Short report: 15,000 words of your manuscript, plus your synopsis

  • Report: 1000-1500 words

  • Turnaround: 2 weeks

  • Price: £295

Full report: a full read of your manuscript, 70-95,000 words

  • Report: 2000-2500 words

  • Turnaround: 3 weeks

  • Price: £795

You can request a 7-day turnaround for an additional £100.​​ 

Ready to get started?

Please send an email if you have any questions or if you're ready to get started. You'll receive an email invoice with details for a bank transfer, credit card or Paypal payment. I request a 50% down payment and the remainder is paid when I deliver the report. 

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

Julianne Ingles

Director, Guts Publishing


"I hired Julianne to do an assessment of my book, and I would whole-heartedly recommend her to anyone else in a similar situation. Her written assessment, delivered when promised, was exactly what I wanted: Objective, defensible, thorough feedback, delivered with warmth, respect, and understanding."

— David Weiss

"Julianne's feedback on my memoir was succinct, direct and easy to implement. With a bit of guidance and reassurance from her, I felt much more confident editing my manuscript and shaping it into something I am truly proud of."

— Roisin McCormack

"Julianne's evaluation was comprehensive: 14 pages of an overview, plus a chapter-by-chapter breakdown of pros, cons and comments. It was absolutely evident that Julianne had paid close attention to the manuscript throughout.

The most important thing was that everything suggested was CLEAR and IMPLEMENTABLE. Julianne is entirely professional, encouraging and directive, which is what we all need when we let our babies out into the wild."

— Avril Millar

“Julianne provided an incredibly insightful evaluation of my manuscript. She offered a detailed breakdown, highlighting both the strengths and weaknesses of my poems. I highly recommend her.”

— Robert Nemet

"Julianne’s wealth of experience really shone through in her analysis, and I now feel more confident than before to edit my work using the advice and guidance that she has given me. I would highly recommend her services and would encourage anyone who is looking for an editor to reach out."

— Paul Shepherd

"Julianne Ingles is a meticulous reader who has enormous sensitivity to a writer’s work. Julianne carefully and thoughtfully responds to the text, offering feedback that is encouraging, helpful and rigorous."  

— Gayelene Carbis

EFA Member
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