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One-to-One Consulting

This is for writers who have questions about traditional publishing, self-publishing, hybrid publishing, literary agents, book marketing, or any publishing-related issue. The idea is to cut through the confusion and devise a plan to help you achieve your publishing goals.

The consultation is 1.25 hours and takes place on Zoom. I record all meetings unless you request otherwise. I’ll send you a questionnaire in advance to assess your goals and make sure this is the right service for you.

I also provide a follow up email with practical solutions. 

The fee is £195. 

To get started, please send an email to request the questionnaire. 

JI photo.jpg

My name is Julianne Ingles and I'm the director at Guts Publishing. Since 2019, I have edited and published the work of over 70 writers. We've had lots of success with our books which have been featured in The Guardian, BBC Culture, The Scotsman, The Edinburgh Evening News, and many more. As well, Euphoric Recall was acknowledged by Scottish Parliament and Fish Town was featured on the BBC Big Scottish Book Club.

I am also a Publishing Coach. I help writers get publishing contracts.

I look forward to hearing from you.

xx Julianne

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