Editing Services

In addition to my Publishing Coach services, I offer copy-editing, line editing, and developmental editing. I'm a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association and the editor at Guts Publishing. I offer these services to writers, publishers, and literary agencies. My favorite genres are memoir and creative non-fiction. I also take on fiction and poetry projects. You can view our published books here: gutspublishing.com/paperbacks

Copy-Editing & Line Editing

What I do is a combination of copy-editing and line editing. Here’s a brief explanation. Copy-editing addresses errors on a technical level - spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax, hyphenation, numerals, fonts, capitalization, and factual accuracy/consistency. Line editing focuses on creative content, writing style, and how language is used. It aims to make your writing clear and fluid. It addresses word choice, generalizations, and clichés. So, that’s what I do. I look for technical issues in your manuscript and improve style and flow. I address weak areas of writing and if I can rework a sentence successfully, I do that. If it needs to be rewritten, I point this out. 

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If you would like copy-editing only, I'm happy to do that. 

"Julianne pinpointed a key weakness in my manuscript, yet edited my work with a light touch, always considerate of the fact that it was my story. I have no hesitation in recommending Julianne at Guts Publishing." — Ann Rawson, author of A Savage Art and The Witch House

Developmental Editing

As an editor and publisher, I approach a developmental edit in the same way I approach a book I am preparing to publish. I assess what’s working and what isn’t in the larger picture. I take a look at the structure and see how time works. Is it linear and chronological? Or is it layered with time shifts? I take a look at the plot. Is it action-based or does it focus on internal dialogue and an emotional journey? Is there enough tension and drama to keep the reader engaged? Is it working? I take a look at pacing and find ways to improve it, which usually means trimming back text that isn't pushing the plot forward. But it can also mean adding more. I tend to do some line editing to improve style and flow, but the focus is on the larger issues. One thing I always do is make sure you nail your opening chapter. I recommend a developmental edit to anyone who feels ready to make changes to their manuscript.

I use Microsoft Word Track Changes for editing. I work in both US and UK English.

Every project is different and requires a different level of editing. For that reason, it’s difficult to put a price on editing without knowing more about the project. Prices depend on the length and complexity, and how long the edit will take. I ask to see a few sample chapters before providing a quote. If you'd like to get an idea of my prices, they are based on CIEP’s suggested minimum rates and the Editorial Freelancers Association’s rate chart. If we decide to work together, I request a 50% down payment and the remainder is paid when the project is complete. 

My name is Julianne Ingles and I'm the director at Guts Publishing. We've had lots of success with our books and I'm very proud of the books we've published. It's the best job I've ever had and I truly love what I do. For a quote, please send an email with your sample chapters, genre, and word count. If you have a synopsis, send that along too. 


"Julianne Ingles is a meticulous and careful reader and editor who has enormous sensitivity to a writer’s work. Julianne doesn’t impose her own aesthetic but carefully and thoughtfully responds to the text, offering feedback that is encouraging, helpful and rigorous." — Gayelene Carbis, award-winning poet and prose writer from Melbourne