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Editing Services

With 15+ years of writing, editing and publishing experience, I'm truly and editor's editor. I've worked with hundreds of writers, published bestsellers and award-winning books, and I've even helped clients to land publishing contracts.


I pour my editorial expertise into each manuscript I edit. I approach my client manuscripts in the same way as a book I am preparing to publish. I take a look at how the story unfolds, and the structure of the manuscript. I take into consideration the voice, character development, quality of writing, flow and pacing. 


I also love editing query letters and synopses.

My favourite genres are memoir, literary fiction and autofiction. I also consider some genre fiction.


I'd love to hear about your book project. 

Julianne Ingles

Director at Guts Publishing

Julianne Ingles Guts Publishing

What type of editing?

I offer personalised editorial services for fiction and memoir writers. My most popular service is a combination of line editing and developmental editing. I place a strong focus on the pace of your manuscript while maintaining the voice, style and content. I focus on the organisation of the chapters, how time works and creating beautiful sentences. I also include annotations in the margins to assist with the development of your manuscript.

My other area of expertise is synopsis editing and query letter editing. I've assisted many writers with these and in turn have helped them to secure publishing contracts. 

If you're looking for a fresh set of professional eyes to review your work, I'm also a meticulous copyeditor and proofreader. This  service covers any errors with grammar, spelling or formatting.


I use MS Word Track Changes for editing. I work in both US and UK English. 


Below are my pricing guidelines. They are based on the CIEP’s suggested minimum rates and the EFA rate chart. For an accurate quote, please get in touch. Please include a sample chapter, your genre and word count.

If we decide to work together I request a 50% down payment and the remainder is paid when the project is complete. If you're ready to get started, please send an email to book any of the services below. You'll receive an email invoice with details for a bank transfer, credit card or Paypal payment.

Line Editing & Developmental Editing

 Fiction & memoir - .025 per word 

Copyediting & Proofreading

 Fiction & memoir - .015 per word 

Synopsis Editing

Flat rate (up to 900 words) - £50

Query Letter Editing

Flat rate (up to 900 words) - £50


"Julianne is a true editor's editor - sharp as a tack with an uncanny ability to see the hidden gems in a writer's work." 

— Glen Loveland, author of Beijing Bound

"Julianne’s wealth of experience really shone through in her analysis, and I now feel more confident than before to edit my work using the advice and guidance that she has given me. I would highly recommend her services and would encourage anyone who is looking for an editor to reach out." — Paul Shepherd, client  

"Julianne Ingles is a meticulous and careful reader and editor who has enormous sensitivity to a writer’s work. Julianne doesn’t impose her own aesthetic but carefully and thoughtfully responds to the text, offering feedback that is encouraging, helpful and rigorous." — Gayelene Carbis, award-winning poet and writer from Melbourne

"Julianne pinpointed a key weakness in my manuscript, yet edited my work with a light touch, always considerate of the fact that it was my story. I have no hesitation in recommending Julianne at Guts Publishing."

— Ann Rawson, author of A Savage Art and The Witch House

EFA Member
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