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Guts Publishing's debut anthology. A collection of fiction, nonfiction and poetry by a talented group of writers from the UK, US, Australia, Canada and India. Thoughtfully selected work, each story and poem is focused in one way or another on the penis. Some are serious, some humorous, some deal with sexuality, some are feminist, some are postmodern, some are flat-out erotic, and some deal with the medical and anatomical aspects of the penis. It's an eclectic mix that we hope will surprise you.

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28 Nov 2019 - book launch at The Word Bookshop. 


In the video, Guts editor Julianne Ingles talks about the anthology and how it came to be.


The Word Bookshop still stocks the book. You can pick up your copy today at 314 New Cross Road, London, SE14 6AF.

We had three wonderful events in London during Nov/Dec 2019, with many of our contributors reading their work. Here is the full list of the Stories About Penises contributors: 


Gerry Marsh, Catherine Edmunds, Ann Rawson, Liam Hogan, Adem Ay, Alex Carrigan, Christina Lovin, Gayelene Carbis, Thaddeus Rutkowski, Edward Apeldoorn, Matt Dennison, Shringi Kumari, Sarah Evans, Molly McLellan, Tobsha Learner, Anthony DiPietro, Benton Lenz, Drew Pisarra, Thom Schwarz & Kathleen Lawrence.

The Word Bookshop

'Stories About Penises' book launch event at The Word bookshop.

Cathy Edmunds at the Poetry Cafe

Cathy Edmunds, reading of 'Stories About Penises' at The Poetry Café

Shringi Kumari at the Poetry Cafe

Shringi Kumari, reading of 'Stories About Penises' at The Poetry Café

Goldsmiths, UoL

Reading at Goldsmiths, University of London.