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Stories About Penises readings - watch video

Our 24 November, we had a wonderful event to celebrate the 2-year anniversary of Stories About Penises and the 2-year anniversary of Guts Publishing. Hosted by Guts editor Julianne Ingles and readings by these contributors: Alex Carrigan, Liam Hogan, Thaddeus Rutkowski, Molly McLellan and Anthony DiPietro.

If you'd like to skip forward to a specific reading, scroll down for details.

1:25 - Alex Carrigan reading from 'How I Lost My Virginity in a Lobster Trap'

10:51 - Liam Hogan reading from 'Better Babies' (please note: the volume on Liam's reading is a bit low. You can watch a better version here:

21:57 - Thaddeus Rutkowski reading from 'Slip of a Knife'

32:25 - Molly McLellan reading from 'Field'

44:12 - Anthony DiPietro reading from 'The Violinist at the Pulitzer Reading'

57:10 - Jillian Halket comments on Stories About Penises

Many thanks to everyone who attended the event, and to our contributors for your brilliant readings! Hope you enjoy it.

xx Julianne

Editor, Guts Publishing

* * *

Stories About Penises is our debut anthology, published on 28 November 2019. It's a literary collection of fiction, nonfiction and poetry about, well, exactly what it sounds like. Some are serious, some humorous, some deal with sexuality, some are feminist, some are erotic, and some deal with medical and anatomical aspects of the penis. It's an eclectic mix that we hope will surprise you.

Buy Stories About Penises from Guts Publishing and get a free ebook with your paperback:

It's also available from The Book Depository, Amazon worldwide, Waterstones, Foyles and many other online retailers.

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