Deborah Price's debut memoir, The Peanut Factory, about living in squats in London in the late 70s during an emerging counterculture scene. For more information click here.


Release date: 24 May 2022

5 x 8 inch paperback

230 pages


Set in South London (Crystal Palace), Deborah mingled with some of the biggest names to emerge from the scene. She booked The Damned’s first show, served pints to Johnny Rotten, and attended a backyard gig from King Kurt.


Squat life was sex, drugs and punk rock but it wasn’t all fun and games. The Peanut Factory shows Deborah navigating a male-dominated scene, moving every few months and living with drug dealers, sex workers, people on the run and working-class kids like her.


Despite the chaos, the squatters were a family. They were kids creating their own rules. Making art. Living life on the fly. The Peanut Factory is an ode to the youthful rebellion of the 1970s and to London itself.


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The Peanut Factory paperback

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