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Deborah Price's debut memoir, The Peanut Factory, is about living in squats in South London in the late 70s during the emerging counterculture scene. To find out more about the book click here. To buy the Kindle ebook click here. To buy the ePub ebook click here.


Release date: 24 May 2022

5 x 8 inch paperback

230 pages


Squat life was sex, drugs and punk rock but it wasn’t all fun and games. The Peanut Factory shows Deborah navigating a male-dominated scene, moving every few months and living with drug dealers, sex workers, people on the run and working-class kids like her.


Despite the chaos, the squatters were a family. They were kids creating their own rules. Making art. Living life on the fly. The Peanut Factory is an ode to the youthful rebellion of the 1970s and to London itself.


"Enjoyed the book. It really took me back to those days. I'd go back in a flash if offered, sod all this smart tech garbage, gimme an afternoon pulling pints in the Gloucester followed by a nap in front of the TV blaring out the Crossroads theme." — Captain Sensible, The Damned

"Telling journal about the London squat scene in the post punk era. Compelling and disturbing in equal measure — especially the outside toilets." — Jim Tavaré, comedian, actor and musician

“A window into a time of raw energy and rough edges, Deb Price paints a vivid picture of life in the squats of South London. By turns amusing and alarming, but always engaging, we accompany a teenager as she navigates her way to womanhood in a sub-culture on the margins.” — Allie Rogers, author of Little Gold and Tale of a Tooth


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The Peanut Factory paperback

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