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Our next memoir, Fish Town

I am thrilled to announce our next memoir, Fish Town by John Gerard Fagan. In John's own words, "Disillusioned with life in Glasgow, I sold everything I had and left for a new life in a remote fishing village in Japan.”

Release date: 28 April 2021.

Pre-orders now available, £9.95.

When I first read the manuscript, I was delighted to find out it was not exactly a traditional memoir. Not that there's anything wrong with traditional, so to speak, but I do love it when writers experiment with form. To boot, the story was written entirely on John's phone, then later typed into a Word document.

Fish Town is a powerhouse of raw emotions. At times eloquent and poetic, and other times bold and blunt. To be honest, it reads like a book of poetry or perhaps a long text message. John is a gifted writer who captures the experience of a Scottish man living in Japan with humor, wit, and honesty.

Last week, Aidan Martin (Euphoric Recall) interviewed John to find out more about him and the book. It's a wonderful interview and I have to say, even though this was the first time Aidan interviewed an author, I think he's got a knack for this.

In the interview, John talks about why he moved to Japan, what it feels like to share such a personal story, and why he wrote the memoir on his phone. Enjoy. xx guts.

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