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Gay men, drugs, communes, rock & roll and sex, lots of sex - by Deborah Price

My name is Deborah Price and I wrote The Peanut Factory which Guts refers to as their ‘punk memoir’. It’s based around the eight years I spent squatting in South London in the 1970s and 80s. It definitely has sex, drugs and rock and roll.

Here are some review blurbs:

"Telling journal about the London squat scene in the post punk era. Compelling and disturbing in equal measure — especially the outside toilets." — Jim Tavaré, comedian, actor and musician

"A window into a time of raw energy and rough edges, Deb Price paints a vivid picture of life in the squats of South London. By turns amusing and alarming, but always engaging, we accompany a teenager as she navigates her way to womanhood in a sub-culture on the margins." — Allie Rogers, author of Little Gold and Tale of a Tooth

"Enjoyed book, it really took me back to those days. I'd go back in a flash if offered sod all this smart tech garbage... gimme an afternoon pulling pints in the Gloucester followed by a nap in front of the TV blaring out the Crossroads theme." — Captain Sensible, The Damned

I am a retired university lecturer and live in Brighton and Hove. Before The Peanut Factory, I wrote and co-wrote six books published with Routledge and Jessica Kingsley Publishing on working with young children. These focused on equalities, LGBT awareness, children’s experiences of grief and loss, and working in an early years team.

With time to write, I have completed a novel called Dirty Sweet which is a fictionalised account of a gay man and his relationship with a woman. It takes place in the 1970s up to present day and is about the importance of non-sexual relationships in our lives.

I was lucky enough to get a grant from the Arts Council to finish this novel so it has Julianne’s stardust sprinkled on it. I’m searching for a publisher for it. Currently I am editing a novel about two brothers growing up in the yes 1970s who live on a commune. It’s structured around three parties and a wake and that is its proposed title. In writing this, I’ve realised that my writing is mainly based in the 1970/80s and has gay men, drugs, communes, rock and roll and sex, lots of sex.

I can be found on @debredprice.

* * *

You can get a copy of The Peanut Factory here:

Deborah Price was born and bred in South London and moved to Brighton in 1986. She has worked, since she was fifteen, as a barmaid, cleaner, zoo keeper, adventure play leader, youth worker, primary teacher, childcare and Ofsted inspector, trainer and senior lecturer in education. She has a BA and MA (Film Studies) from the Open University and also taught children’s literature there. She now lives happily by the sea with her partner where she writes, swims and travels.

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