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Readings from The Peanut Factory

We had an awesome Peanut Factory book launch on 1 June, our fourth launch event! Many thanks to all who attended and hope you're enjoying the book.

In the video Guts director, Julianne Ingles (that would be me!), talks with Deborah Price about the nature of memory and the people who helped her remember the details of her squat life in South London. She also talks about how vulnerable she felt sharing her life story and how she decided which moments to share - the dark and the light.

Then Deborah reads three excerpts from the book, which I think you'll enjoy as she's quite the reader. Then we had Q/A with our guests and chatted about the characters Deborah knew in the late 70s and early 80s. xx Julianne

The Peanut Factory, by Deborah Price, is a coming-of-age memoir about living in squats in South London (Crystal Palace) in the late 70s during the emerging counterculture scene. Squat life was sex, drugs and punk rock but it wasn’t all fun and games. The Peanut Factory shows Deborah navigating a male-dominated scene, moving every few months and living with drug dealers, sex workers, people on the run and working-class kids like her. Despite the chaos, the squatters were a family. They were kids creating their own rules. Making art. Living life on the fly. The Peanut Factory is an ode to the youthful rebellion of the 1970s and to London itself.

"Enjoyed the book. It really took me back to those days. I'd go back in a flash if offered, sod all this smart tech garbage, gimme an afternoon pulling pints in the Gloucester followed by a nap in front of the TV blaring out the Crossroads theme." — Captain Sensible, The Damned

* * *

Get your copy of The Peanut Factory from Guts Publishing and we'll send a free ebook: It's also available from UK bookshops and online retailers (including The Bookseller Crow, The Book Depository, Amazon worldwide, Waterstones, Barnes & Noble and many others).

Note to bookshops - you can order The Peanut Factory from Guts Publishing, Gardners or Ingram. Any questions, please get in touch: gutspublishing [at]

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