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A punked out Scottish Crime thriller that will blow your tits off. Based on the drug-fuelled lad culture of the early 2000s, and illustrated by Mark Deans, this is the story of four Scottish lads who live for drugs and trance music. 


Conflicts turn to disaster during a RATT rave and Phil goes missing. As the remaining lost boys – Nathan, Mikey and Lucas – search for Phil they are pulled into an underworld of violence, drug debts, addictions, loyalties and betrayals.  

"Long before phrases like toxic masculinity were mainstream, scheme lads like me were trapped in a lad culture. None of us expected to see our thirties. To outsiders these lifestyles were extreme. I use creative fiction to take the reader inside."  – Aidan Martin, author of Euphoric Recall

Release date: October 2024

Chapter One: The Sesh

"Fuck knows what happened that night. Phil has been missing ever since. Lucas was off his tits and Mikey was gouching hard. I still don’t know how it got to this. All I know is my big cuz is gone. Not gone like he sometimes chooses to be. The way Phil loves to fall off the grid into a maudlin crusade during a heavy drug binge. A self-sabotaging pity-party where he starts thinking about how shit the world has been to him. Not that type of gone where he disappears into a void of purple haze and vallies. This time he is GONE."

The only thing folk tell me they wish there was more of in Euphoric Recall, was a deeper dive into the 'mental years' which is why I focused my new work on the crazy years. So the reader can come inside and see for themselves. I have mums of sons message me every week trying to understand why their children grow up and get into those lifestyles. I get asked the same thing by politicians, media, and I get asked to give talks to explain it all. So honestly, I just decided to write like Hunter S Thompson and Charles Bukowski (specifically like in Post Office) and to keep Gabor Maté in mind and that's where my new work landed. — Aidan Martin

About Aidan Martin & Mark Deans

Aidan Martin  Mark Deans photo Guts Publishing.jpg

Aidan Martin is a bestselling author, public speaker, and co-founder of the recovery organisation, The Scheme Livi, in Livingston, Scotland. His debut memoir, Euphoric Recall, was widely acclaimed. He received awards from Authors’ Foundation and K Blundell Trust towards this book. He also recently hosted an STV documentary called Let’s Talk About Trauma. Aidan lives in Livingston, Scotland.


Facebook: AidanMartinAuthor

X: @AidanAuthor

Aidan Martin (left) & Mark Deans (right).

Mark Deans is an artist, musician, and co-founder / co-CEO of the lived experience recovery organisation, The Scheme Livi based in Livingston, Scotland. He is the creator of the cover art and interior illustrations in this book.

Mark met Aidan in Ladywell as a child, spending countless days playing football and watching wrestling as they grew into manhood together. Mark started making art in 2019 as a second creative outlet alongside his music. Alongside Aidan at The Scheme, they facilitate art workshops to help those in their community.

Facebook: MarkDeansMusic

Instagram: @darkmeansart

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