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Dear Mr Andrews is a sugar dating memoir written and illustrated by Lotte Latham. To read Chapter 1 click here. To buy the paperback click here.


Release date: 18 Jan 2023

Kindle (mobi) ebook

222 pages


"Meet a sugar baby and her many daddies up close, in a saga told to our Mr Andrews, Lotte Latham’s confessor, her muse. Lotte is enchanting company, exuberant, ever frank, wise in her self-reflective whirl. Her lively voice comes alive; she’s a fine stylist of sparkling prose." — Karla Linn Merrifield, author of My Body the Guitar


"A remarkable debut." — Michael Turner, author of The Pornographer's Poem 

"Latham’s writing is as sexy as it is stylish." — Barry Pierce, writer & critic

“Honest, insightful, vital, dirty and sublime." — Kristan X, author of Lascivity

"Highly recommended.” — Susanna Kleeman, author of Twice 


In Lotte's own words: "I’ve long since felt that there’s strength in weakness. Over the past six or seven years I’ve been in and out of sex work, leading a normal life and a smutty one in parallel. I began journaling about some of my experiences: some were funny, some were liberating, some were challenging and often not for the reasons people might project them to be. During this time I met Mr Andrews, who is effectively a John who didn’t pay, purely bad business on my part. I felt lightly exploited, or at least confused at how I’d ended up giving out sexual favours, on weekdays, to married men for free. So, I began to tell him about my life. Almost every day I message him quite candidly about the ins and outs of escorting, of dating, of dancing, of my day job. And in doing so, I’d go as far to say we have become fetid pen pals."

Dear Mr Andrews (Kindle)

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