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What makes a book worth reading?

I do my best to keep up with our contributors and what they're up to. Usually I hear about things on Twitter. Which is where I read a review by Rab Ferguson. He's one of our Cyber Smut contributors, author of 'The Call', a suspenseful sci-fi narrative that focuses on the relationship between AI and humans.

I was absolutely delighted that Rab had read our memoir Euphoric Recall and taken the time to write a review. It means so much to know our books are having an impact. Many thanks for this, Rab. xx guts

Rab Ferguson

Review of Euphoric Recall

What makes a book worth reading?

Whether it's fiction or non-fiction, we want it to give us something real to take away.

Aidan Martin's Euphoric Recall does exactly that. It's a pandora's box of a book, in that it tells a story of addiction, abuse, pain, and cancer, but of hope too.

It talks deeply about masculinity as well, addressing the subject with nuance, and exploring the impact growing up male and working class in Scotland has on an identity and a life.

In some ways, the book brings to mind Matt Haig's Reasons to Stay Alive for me. Just as I'd recommend any mental health professional should read Haig's book, I think anyone (at all) working with people with addictions issues should read Martin's. These stories and experiences are so important for both empathy and recovery, and can aid people's understanding of themselves and each other in a way that statistics alone can never achieve.

It's also worth mentioning Martin's skill as a writer. The book has the feeling of listening to a skilled storyteller speaking about his past, with vivid descriptions and well paced chapters. While the topics are challenging, the writing itself supports you to read on.

5/5. An important book.

* * *

Rab Ferguson is a York based writer of fiction and poetry. His short stories can be found in Storgy, Litro, Under the Fable, Unsung Stories, Beyond the Walls and VoiceIn Journal.

For more about his writing, check out Twitter: @RabTales

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