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West Lothian Book Launch - watch video

On 27 November, Guts Publishing hosted a wonderful event for three West Lothians who recently published books. We recorded the event which you can view below. We had some interesting conversation about the history of West Lothian, Scotland, and what it's like living there today. Includes readings by these authors:

  • Neil Findlay MSP - Life in the Raws (Luath Presss, Nov 2020) - this book is a diary kept by Neil's grandfather, Jock Findlay, which tells his story and the history of a shale-oil village in West Lothian. Click here for more info.

  • Paul Walsh - Fash Chaps & Banz (PMGJ Storybooks, Oct 2020) - this is an illustrated childrens' book, illustrated by Graeme Young. Click here for more info.

  • Aidan Martin - Euphoric Recall (Guts Publishing, Oct 2020) - a raw story about a working-class lad in Livingston and his recovery from addiction and trauma. For details visit: Also available on Amazon.

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