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Tattoo anthology announcement

Updated: Jun 21, 2023


I have some wonderful news. We've selected the short stories and poems for our upcoming tattoo anthology. Here's the list:

Claire Askew - The needle: on being female and tattooed

Julian Bishop - Lobster

Harriet Bradshaw – The Magpie Tattoos

Maisie Brown - I thought I was enlightened and other stories

Meredith MacLeod Davidson - Illuminated

Daniela Esposito - Mayflies in Winter

Callum Henderson – Semantics

Liam Hogan – Chiaroscuro

Erin Hosfield – What’s the Weirdest Thing You Ever Tattooed?

Maria Jastrzębska – Iwonka

Di Lebowitz – Subversion

Louisa Mastromarino – Tattoo Trials

Karla Linn Merrifield - Of Lightning Bolts and a Palm Tree

Elizabeth Turner – FU

Michał Kamil Piotrowski – Tattoo poem

Sabrina Wolfe – Skin Deep

Valerie Bence – Tatu – to puncture, to mark, to strike

Thank you all for sending your work. It was an honour to read your work. It came from all around the world - from England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Czechia, Italy, Poland, India, USA, Nigeria, and China. I think there may have been a few more, it was hard to keep track after a while, but thank you all very much for taking the time to send your stories and poems.

In the end we selected the work of 17 writers. It is a mix of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and two essays. Some of the themes (in addition to tattoos) within this collection include identity, body image, class and others, but I think most of all it was transformation. It seemed to me that the acquisition of a tattoo almost always pointed towards some sort of transformation in a person's life. Which is what I found most fascinating about this subject.

I can hardly wait to share these stories and poems with you. I'll keep in touch to let you know the release date. Also the cover image here is temporary (unless I get a flood of emails saying: Keep it! It looks great!) and I'll aim to share the final cover with you soon.

Writers - if your name is on the list above, I'll be in touch soon.

Also, many thanks to our readers (there were three of us in total) for helping to select the work. It was not an easy task as there were so many strong submissions.

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xx Julianne

Director at Guts Publishing

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