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Issy Flower - sending 'Marble' nudes

Really enjoyed this interview with Issy Flower, author of 'Marble' a short story in our Sending Nudes anthology. The anthology is an intimate collection of fiction, nonfiction and poetry about the various reasons (and ways) people send nudes. Sending Nudes will be out on 15 January 2021. Pre-orders are available here:

Interview questions:

1. Were you inspired to write ‘Marble’ when you saw the call for submissions for Sending Nudes, or was this story something already in the making?

2. Your piece is mainly based in the pre-Raphaelite section in an art museum, which is a really interesting perspective. Without giving too much away, can you tell us about ‘Marble’?

3. Now that we live in a digital age, do you think people forget that nudes were originally studied and interpreted as paintings?

4. With that in mind, and this is a bold question, do you think the nude image - either a painting or a photograph - is always meant to arouse, or are there other reasons?

5. In your bio, it says you are an actor and a writer, what kind of things have you been involved in recently?

6. Describe yourself in 3 words.

* * *

Issy Flower is a writer and actor, going into her third year at Durham University. Her journalism and prose writing have been published by Palatinate, the Bubble, From the Lighthouse, and Lucent Dreaming. Her writing has been performed by JustOut Theatre, Kickitdown Productions, RapidReel, Sedos and Castle Theatre Company, and won ‘Best Writing’ at Durham Drama Festival 2020. She enjoys wallowing in nostalgia and keeps up a healthy twitter feed at @IssyFlower.

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