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Fab readings from our Tattoo Anthology (watch video)

We had a wonderful event on Tuesday night to celebrate the launch of our tattoo anthology, The Transformative Power of Tattoo, with readings by eight of our contributors. Following the readings we had a fascinating discussion about whether or not the contributors feel differently about tattoos since their work was published in our anthology.

That morphed into a conversation about why people get tattoos, the dark side of tattooing, how acceptable tattoos have become, and how they (generally) make people feel better about their bodies.

We recorded the event, which you can watch below. I've included a list of the readers and where they appear in the video so you can skip around. Please also take a look at the recording by poet Michał Piotrowski who is one of our contributors that couldn't make it to the event. He is an experimental poet living in Folkestone, England.

If you haven't yet read the anthology, it is a unique collection of fiction, nonfiction and poetry that brings together a diverse group of writers who delve into tattoos in terms of class, body image, history, empowerment and transformations. You can get a copy here.

xx Julianne

Director at Guts

P.S. In the intro I talk about our books and didn't have a copy of The Peanut Factory because it recently sold out, but, just to let you know, new copies are due to arrive soon!

Liam Hogan - Chiaroscuro - 5:07

Dominic Lyne - The Phoenix and a Magpie - 9:28

Karla Linn Merrifield - Of Lightning Bolts - 12:18

Callum Henderson - Semantics - 24:31

Meredith MacLeod Davidson - Illuminated - 29:51

Emily Ricard - Indelibly Me - 36:01

Maria Jastrzębska - Iwonka - 41:35

Harriet Bradshaw - The Magpie Tattoos - 45:08

Below is the recording by poet Michał Piotrowski, one of our contributors who couldn't make it to the event. He is a visual poet, text artist, and curator who mostly writes experimental, visual, and technology-powered poetry.

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