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Call for memoir submissions

We are open for memoir submissions and would love to hear your story.

My name is Julianne Ingles and I'm the editor at Guts Publishing. I love real stories and people who write them, and read them. My career as a visual artist (painter) began in the early 90s in Chicago. In 2004 I started traveling and writing. I have literally lived and worked around the globe, feeding my work as an artist and writer.

I am now a full time book publisher. I would love to see more submissions from women. It's the strangest thing, but we see far more men submitting their work. I don't really know why.

If you have written a memoir, please do send it along. Men, women or nonbinary folk. Be bold and just do it. Any topic is fine. Experimental work is fine. Unpublished writers are encouraged to send their work. Guidelines are on our submissions page:

At this time we are looking for UK writers. That would include anyone born in the UK or currently residing in the UK.

For updates, sign up for our newsletter.

I look forward to hearing from you.

xx Julianne

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