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4 DEC 2019

7:00 - 9:00pm

The Poetry Cafe

22 Betterton St, London WC2H 9BX

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We are delighted to announce that Catherine Edmunds will be reading from her short story 'Wild Ideas'.

Catherine Edmunds is a prolific writer, artist, and fiddle player with award nominated Irish folk/rock band ‘Share the Darkness’. Her published written works include two poetry collections, four novels and a Holocaust memoir. She has been nominated three times for a Pushcart Prize, shortlisted in the Bridport four times, and has works in journals including Aesthetica, Crannóg and Ambit.

Catherine Edmunds Guts Publishing


Gerry Marsh will be reading from her short story 'He'.

Gerry Marsh is a London fiction writer and author of Tales of Urban Encounters (2018), a collection of short stories set in southeast London. Gerry has published articles in Therapy Today and The Guardian, and has just finished writing Flight of the Dodo, a dystopian novel. As well, she has an MA in Creative Writing from University of Kent (2017)..

Gerry Marsh Guts Publishing


Shringi Kumari will be reading from 'Garden of Vaginas'.

A drifter, Shringi likes to think, express and ask. She uses madhubani paintings, games, writing and dance as a medium to bare layered nuances. Her writings root from thoughts held in thin air, observations made in private and an endless pursuit of self. Shringi has been working in game development for the past 12 years and is now doing a PhD in the same field.

Shringi Kumari Guts Publishing


Adem Ay will be reading from his short story 'My Gilly & Me'.

Adem Ay is a London based writer and filmmaker who has been struggling to write a competent feature film for ten years. That dishevelled guy in the cafe with the laptop and the cold cup of coffee - that’s him. He’s still going. To stay alive he writes short films for NGOs, a blog for a film website, and hosts his own pub quizzes.​

Adem Ay Guts Publishing
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