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Release date: April 2023

5 x 8 inch paperback

235 pages


After a night of partying in a gay club, Sam Thomas finds himself in bed with his Valentine’s Day date. The night takes a turn when his date transforms into a beastly creature. The next morning, confused and hungover, Sam discovers that his date has no recollection of this. In an attempt to shake the night off as a bad date, he plunges further into drinking. 


When he tries to go cold turkey, he suffers unexplained illnesses. On his third emergency admission to A&E, he is diagnosed as alcohol dependent. After his admission to a detox facility, and in the midst of a relapse, a crisis leads to a collision course of events that result in Sam’s admission to a psychiatric hospital. Which is where his epic recovery journey begins.


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Smashed Not Wasted paperback

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