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A Rough Night - Drew Pisarra

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

This shriveled thing, this lazy, useless digit,

bows down and cringes conscious of the shame,

it brings about by acting like an idget

and not living up to its once vainglorious claim

of being the tallest tower, the very ripening

force in life. What once was the body’s flame

has lost its power except as sewage piping,

dripping, dropping, drooping, a source of rage

that’s youthful, prepubescent, quite the diaper.

Passion is put into the cushioned cage.

Desire makes no sense. Desire’s numb

when fate turns personal history back a page.

The index finger’s now a broken thumb.

This shriveled thing won’t sing; the body’s dumb.

Drew Pisarra is the recent recipient of a literary grant from Cafe Royal Cultural Foundation which will allow him to pursue both the completion of his book Poems for Fassbinder and the continuation of his ongoing sonnet series Periodic Boyfriends. His poetry collection Infinity Standing Up was released earlier this year by Capturing Fire Press. He tweets at:

Drew Pisarra's poem 'Sonnet 6"' will be in our Stories About Penises anthology (release date 28 November 2019), available from Guts Publishing:

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