Cover Design

One-of-a-kind book cover design. This includes a free consultation to discuss the tone/genre of the book, color preferences, etc. There are two options:

  1. Front cover only - £200

  2. Front, spine & back cover - £350


For cover image there are three options:

  1. Choose original artwork - add £100 

  2. Provide your own photo or artwork.

  3. Choose a stock image from a recommended site.

How it works

  • Book your free consultation.

  • We'll discuss where you're at in the publication process and the tone/genre of your book. Feel free to send a synopsis when you book. We will also discuss images, colors, fonts and trim size. If you would like a print-ready cover, you will need to have a completed interior file, with page count.

  • When you're ready to book, send me an email. Then I'll send an invoice. 

  • After making payment, I will create two mock covers and send to you.

  • Then you choose the cover you prefer and I will make adjustments.

  • It takes about 5 working days to receive your mock covers. Then 2 days to adjust. Then you're good to go.

About me


My name is Julianne Ingles. I'm an editor, writer and founder of Guts Publishing. My background includes an MA in Creative Writing and an MA in Modern Literature, both from Goldsmiths, University of London. I also have a BA in Art (Studio Art) from Arizona State University. I began exhibiting my paintings in the early 90s in Chicago. By the year 2000 I became a full-time painter, selling my work in galleries and at my studio in Chicago's South Loop. Although I've got my hands full with Guts Publishing, I do my best to find time to paint. It really is my first love. My areas of interest includes figures, portraits and abstracts. I work with oils and acrylics, and I'm fond of mixed media.


Take a look at my paintings on my personal website:


I would be delighted to help you create a cover that you truly love. If you'd like to have a phone or Skype chat, get in touch

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Photo by: Art Carillo, Carillo Photo

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