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How to Write AND Edit a Great Synopsis - FICTION & MEMOIR

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With 20+ years of writing, editing and publishing experience, I will help you create a solid synopsis - one that you will be proud to send to agents and publishers. My name is Julianne Ingles and I'm the director at Guts Publishing. We’ve had lots of success with our books including features in The Guardian, BBC Culture, The Scotsman, Stylist, BBC One, BBC Big Scottish Book Club, and more. Our debut memoir, Euphoric Recall, was even acknowledged by Scottish Parliament. In 2021, I was endorsed by Arts Council England for the work I've been doing at Guts and for being an exceptional talent and leader in the publishing sector. I have worked with hundreds of writers, written countless synopses, and have published bestselling and award-winning books. I've poured all of that into this short course. I understand how writers feel about writing a synopsis - most dread it! But you really don't have to. In this self-paced course, you will learn a systematic approach to writing AND EDITING your synopsis. The key really is in the editing. This is suitable for Fiction and Memoir writers. Here is what you can expect to learn: 1. What a synopsis is & why you need it. 2. Keys to synopsis success - fiction and memoir. 3. How to write AND EDIT your first draft. 4. How to transform your draft into an engaging narrative. 5. Why you need readers. I will guide you through these steps with video clips, clear instructions, demonstrations, and sample synopses that have helped my clients to land publishing contracts. Sign up for this comprehensive course below. xx Julianne Director at Guts Publishing





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